INSPIRE Strategic Solutions was formed in 2015 in a joint venture between John Trevillian AM, Craig Sheridan APM and Chris Heverin. Together they have achieved unrivalled success and experience in management and leadership at the highest levels of government, police and commercial activation.

The Directors of INSPIRE Strategic Solutions provide a unique offering of world-best practice in strategic consulting services and major event management. The holistic approach taken by INSPIRE Strategic Solutions towards major event management includes consultation on government involvement, security and threat management and the development of business and commercial aspects of an event.

An unfortunate reality of modern society is the need for counter-terrorism measures, in order to address the security threat that terrorism poses. This is a pertinent issue within the major events sector. That is why INSPIRE Strategic Solutions works to provide an all-inclusive consultation, which not only incorporates the logistical and commercial aspects of an event, but the necessary risk management and security considerations that exist.

INSPIRE Strategic Solutions are committed to delivering excellence and success for all stakeholders across every project, by providing a turn-key solution to the management of events in order to make a difference within the community sector.