In recent years, Major Events have become an integral component of the Australian national landscape, with all state governments vitally involved as they strive to deliver increased international profile, tourism visitation and economic impact.

The focus on Major Events is also a global phenomenon, with this relatively new industry now dominating the global landscape. The Directors of INSPIRE Strategic Solutions have an intimate knowledge of the Major Events industry unlike many others. As the leaders of many of Australia’s greatest events, the INSPIRE Strategic Solutions Directors have been at the forefront of event development, strategy and coordination, leading vast teams of professionals as they deliver some of the world’s iconic events.

This reliance on Major Events creates a wonderful business opportunity for INSPIRE Strategic Services as we have the expertise, knowledge and experience to provide solutions to the industry whilst making a difference to the community.

The partners of INSPIRE Strategic Solutions are committed to delivering excellence and success for all stakeholders across every project. We will provide a turn-key solution and we will “make a difference”.